Would you like to create a statement wall without breaking the bank? Say hello to our range of metro tiles!

Named after the iconic tiles of London, Paris and New York’s underground stations, the humble metro tile is simple, minimalist, timeless and exceptionally versatile. These styles are instantly recognisable by their slim, brick shape and solid block colours, in a variety of shades. This makes them perfect for pairing with all kinds of colour schemes and designs.

Metro tiles can refresh bathrooms, kitchens or even hallways, with total simplicity. Their easy-clean surfaces make them an ideal choice for splashbacks in your kitchen or bathroom, but can also provide the ideal remedy to scuffs and damage in hallways or living rooms.

Our Metro Tiles are budget-friendly, starting at £13.50 per m2. Need some inspiration? Check out some of our favourite patterns for a striking statement wall.


Add a modern twist to a classic tile by laying them in a herringbone pattern - an intricate v-shaped pattern that dates all the way back to Ancient Egyptian times! Perfect for bathrooms and kitchens alike, this simple concept is a great way to break up large painted areas.

Our Subway Pera Tile provides a matt brick effect and creates a crisp, clean finish. Their flat surface also makes them a great choice for the herringbone effect.


Want to play with patterns? Try the basketweave layout, achieved by laying groups of three or four tiles perpendicular to one another, aligned to create a series of squares. This one requires a little planning, but creates a funky retro feel.

Our Sailing range is the perfect tile for this layout. It is available in eight different colour options inspired by the Mediterranean coast, and glazed to create a bright and stylish space!


Want to create a sense of height in your home? Rooms with low ceilings may benefit from the less conventional vertical tiling pattern. By simply turning the classic brickwork pattern by 90 degrees, you can change your room completely and create the illusion of space and height.

This style lends itself particularly well to bathrooms, including shower cubicles, around your baths, or to complement some wooden panelling.

Classic Subway

The staggered, horizontal layout is the iconic composition that metro tiles are famed for, so why not embrace that simplicity? If your home already has bold colours or a lot going on around tiled areas, take a minimalist approach when it comes to layout and colour, and instead jazz up your tiles by choosing between matt and gloss finishes, or even highlighting your grout lines with complementing colours to inject a contemporary feel to this classic design.

The Bevelled Brick Black Gloss Tile is a bold choice, but will create a contrast against the furniture and appliances in your room of choice. These are a popular choice, and easy to keep clean as well - what more could you ask for?