Are you pulling your hair out trying to find the best way to clean tiles? Tried every home remedy under the sun? Raided the supermarket shelves for all the cleaning products of the day? 

You’ve come to the right place for learning how to clean tiles. We are tile experts and have the perfect solution to an easy and stress free way of knowing how to clean floor and wall tiles. Let us tell you the best way to clean tiles.

What can I use to clean floor tiles?

For everyday, regular cleaning and maintenance of floor and wall tiles, we recommend Fila Cleaner Pro. Perfect for all types of tiles and surfaces:

  • Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles
  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Marble, Granite and Natural Stone
  • Plastic Laminates & LVT
  • Linoleum, Rubber & PVC
  • Terracotta and Quarry Tiles

Using floor cleaners from the supermarket over time can damage your tiles. The harsh chemicals can discolour and damage the surface of your floor. Avoid this by giving your tiles the best treatment from day 1 with Fila Cleaner Pro.

What is Fila Cleaner Pro?

Fila Cleaner Pro is your answer to super clean tiles without any scummy marks being left behind. There are many reasons to use Fila Cleaner Pro in your home. 

  • Is is Biodegradable
  • It cleans your surfaces, but does not attack
  • High concentraed, allowing you to use it at various dilutions to suit your needs
  • Smells fresh and leaves your home feeling and smelling clean
  • Perfect for maintenance of all waxed surfaces
  • Ideal for laminates

How to clean tiles using Fila Cleaner Pro?

  • Firstly, you need to dilute the cleaner solution. Using a mop bucket, dilute the Cleaner Pro at 1:200 - 25ml of Cleaner Pro in 5 litres of water.
  • Using a mop brush, clean your floor surface with the solution made up in your bucket as you would normally mop the floor
  • Let the surface dry fully before walking on or moving furniture back into place
  • Enjoy a streak free finish, squeaky clean floor

Read a full guide here on Fila Cleaner Pro for the best way to clean your tiles.


Why use Fila Cleaner Pro to clean tiles?

Used by the professionals, Fila Cleaner Pro will clean but not damage your surfaces. To prolong the life of your tiles. avoid using cheap, supermarket bought cleaners. Investing in Fila products will not only last you longer but will give your tiles the best care they need. 

If you are cleaning bathroom tiles or cleaning kitchen tiles, the best way to clean tiles is with Fila Cleaner Pro. You can buy it online at Tilemarket or pick it up from your nearest Tilemarket showroom. 

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