If you are wondering how to make your small bathroom look bigger, you are in the right place. We share our easy & practical tips you can use to make a small bathroom look bigger. 

Create more floor space with wall hung radiators and units

Wall hung basin units can help give the illusion of having more floor space. What’s more, your unit is perfect for storage and therefore saves space from having to find room for storage units also. Another common question we get a lot is where to hang wet towels in a small bathroom? Simple answer - your wall hung radiator. 

The Trick is in the Tiles

Knowing how to make a small bathroom look bigger with tiles can help give the illusion of a much bigger space. 

Should I use small tiles in a small bathroom?

Using smaller tiles can give lots of grout lines. Grout lines can then make your bathroom feel much smaller. However, this doesn’t mean you have to avoid smaller tiles completely. The way around this is to mix up the tiles you use. For example, use a different tile for your wall, your floors and your shower area. 

But how will you know what it will all look like and will it come together? 

We get you, picking the right tiles is a big decision as once they are cemented down, you will be looking at them for many years to come. Ordering samples of tiles can help get around this. This can help you visualise what the tiles will look like together and in the room. 

Another tip with your tiles is to use the same tile on your floor and walls. This can create a seamless look and make your space appear much bigger.

Think Mirrors, Think Big

Small bathroom, large mirrors. You heard it here first! Choosing large mirrors for above your sink can help the room look much more spacious. Whether you choose a round or rectangular mirror, we recommend you go large and make a real statement. Afterall, if the mirror is too small it can look lost on the wall. What’s more, mirrors reflect light and make a room feel bigger. 

Glass Shower Doors Help Natual Light Flow

Keep your shower area as open plan as possible with the use of shower glass rather than blocking the space off with walls and curtains. The glass door can create the illusion of having more space and allows natural light to flow through the room. Glass shower doors also look great. It’s a win win.

Stick to lighter colours for Tiles and Furniture

Light colours such as white or pastel colours can help make your small bathroom look much brighter and more spacious. Choose light coloured tiles on both your floors and walls to really create the illusion of a bigger space. 

Remove Clutter with Storage Units

Having clutter lying around can make a small space feel cramped. Keep surfaces clear and store items in cabinets or baskets. 

There you have it, Tilemarket’s top tips on how to decorate a small bathroom to give the illusion of more space. Using tiles cleverly, making use of natural light and being smart when choosing your bathroom suite can transform your small bathroom into a more spacious room. 

See some fantastic small bathroom transformations below which will show the difference before & after -

The above bathroom transformation shows how a small bathroom can be transformed with clever use of storage. In this case, placing storage units behind the toilet with a built in sink has saved space and made more room for a shower cubical without loosing any storage.  The units look much tidier and with everything built in, there is no clutter. 

This second transformation has used bright, glossy tiles to really create the illusion of a much bigger bathroom space. Our Supreme floor tile which is large format 90cm x 90cm paired with our Marble wall tile really lift the space. The before and after photos speak for themselves.