Is 2022 the year to freshen up your kitchen or bathroom? Perhaps you’re moving into a new house, or giving your entire home a face-lift. Whatever the project, chances are you will need some tiles for your walls or floors.

These five trends are tipped by interior designers as the colours, textures, patterns and shapes that will dominate in 2022. Check out our recommendations and get inspired to create a home that is bang on-trend.

Classic Marble & Terrazzo

Since ancient times, marble has never gone out of style, but 2022 is certain to be their year, particularly when it comes to wall slabs and large-format floor tiles. Opulent and high end in style, these tiles create a glamorous aesthetic in any room of your home. Why not try our Invisible Marble Grey 60x120 Polished Tile?


Marble Tile

Or for something a little different, why not add a terrazzo tile? Traditionally made with flecks of marble, these stunning tiles date back to 1945 and get their name from the Italian word for ‘terrace’, inspired by construction workers who brought home scraps of marble to press into clay and make their own unique designs. Terrazzo tiles come in a variety of colours and shapes, perfect for any home - why not try our FS Ofelia Patterned Floor Tile?


terrazzo floor tile

From pale pastel tones, to vibrant bottle greens, the colour of energy, nature and life is having a moment when it comes to interior design, and tiles are no exception!

Green tiles can create very different effects, dependent on the style and shade. Lighter sage greens can create a relaxing, and soothing environment; whereas bolder greens can create a striking, modern statement. For a striking splashback, why not consider the Hexa Wall Green Echo tile, or create a more serene space with the Sailing Green Tile.


Green wall tile


Want to create a statement and step away from the standard square or rectangular tile? Think hexagons! This shape has had a resurgence and is now making its way back into the home in all sizes, colours and textures. Traditionally found in the bathroom, but now suitable for all parts of the home, these tiles are modern, versatile and full of personality.

Add interest to your hall, with the Swan Hexagon Tile, or create a striking shower wall with the Hex Lily White - the sky's the limit!


Hexagon wall tile

Hex lily white tile


Deep Blue

Aqua, azure and arctic blues have been a popular choice for bathrooms for many years, but this year darker blues are taking the lead. These moody hues add an elegant and luxurious touch to any room, and are particularly popular in bathrooms. Deep blues pair perfectly with contrasting lighter tones, to create a stylish and modern look!

Consider our Hexa Wall Ocean Wave Tile in your bathroom or kitchen, and look out for this trend in our collections coming later this year!


Blue wall tile



Last but not least, it’s time to play with textures! Three dimensional patterned tiles are steadily growing in demand with the development of more sophisticated printing technology, and these tiles are now a popular choice for homeowners seeking to create a unique and dramatic statement in their homes!

These tiles are best used to create a striking feature wall in a bathroom, kitchen or living space, and can be accented with the use of feature lighting to highlight their three-dimensional patterns. Our Piana 3D Tile Range offers a variety of textured options for your home.

3D wall time


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