Are you dreaming of a summer holiday? Why not invite the colours, flavours and ambiance of the Mediterranean into your home with our range of tile colours and patterns. Spanning from Northern Africa to Southern Europe, the colours of the

Mediterranean are versatile but unmistakable. Whether it’s the striking blue skies or crystal clear waters of the Amalfi coast, the crisp whites of a Greek villa or the rustic terracotta patterns of Southern Europe and Morocco, these Mediterranean-inspired designs are a definite trend for 2021. 

With its unique blend of cultures, the Mediterranean look can be formal or rustic, elegant or striking, but one thing is certain - no Mediterranean look is complete without tiles. Check out our inspiration below to turn those Mediterranean dreams into reality. 


Motifs and Patterns

Whether in Spain, France or even the Moroccan coast, tiles featuring intricate floral and geometric motifs have been widely used across Europe for centuries - in fact, mosaic patterns date back to ancient Rome! In Roman times, the richer homeowners commissioned mosaic patterns to decorate their floors and walls. The bigger and more detailed the tile, the wealthier the family. 

Mosaic tiles and patterned tiles are still popular today, with lots of choices to suit your colour scheme and interiors. Why not try our bold Valencia Lonja Pattern Tile; or for something a little more understated, consider the vintage-feel of the FS 3 Pattern Tile.


Ocean Blues and Greens

Nothing says Mediterranean quite like waking up to bright blue skies and sparkling, clear waters, and it is so easy to bring these relaxing and vibrant shades into your home. 

When it comes to these tones, look no further than our Sailing series, designed specifically to evoke the warmth and colours of the Mediterranean coast. These glazed ceramics are available in seven vibrant shades, including Blue Green and Emerald. Why not switch things up and tile vertically instead of horizontally? It creates a waterfall illusion and adds height to any room. 


Hexagon Tiles

Hexagonal floor tiles are a quintessential feature of Southern France farmhouses, but can also be found across Spain, Italy and Northern African countries. Traditionally, these tiles would be a simple terracotta style, but you can create a quirky twist on the classic Mediterranean villa look by incorporating large hexagon tiles in a range of colours on your floor or walls. 

Our Sailing series includes a range of hexagonal shades, perfect for a feature wall in your home. Choose from the muted mustard tones of a Provence farmhouse, the calming blues of the Aegean sea, or a simple white hexagon, which will create a bright and spacious effect in any room of the house. 


It’s All Greek

When you think of Greece, deep blues and crisp whites immediately spring to mind. What’s more, this look is incredibly easy to incorporate into your home. Perfect for bathrooms or kitchens, combine a large format white tile, with a blue and white patterned feature wall or border to create a room straight out of a Greek island. 

Our Faenza Azul Pattern Tile is one of our best-selling tiles, and perfect for creating those Santorini vibes.