The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the home. It’s a room filled with warm and inviting scents, a room for entertaining, cooking, baking and coming together as a family. Choose the wrong aesthetic and you might spend years longing for the day when you can remodel; but if you opt for style over practicality, you might spend more time cleaning than cooking! 

There’s lots to weigh up when it comes to choosing your tiles, so we’ve outlined some of the key factors to consider.


Durability and Practicality

Let’s face it - kitchens face a lot of wear and tear. From food and drink spills to traffic from children and pets, not to mention friction from legs of tables and chairs, there’s lots of opportunity for damages and scrapes, meaning you should always choose a durable tile that’s easy to clean. Most kitchen tiles are resilient, but each material has a different longevity - we recommend porcelain or natural stone tiles for a kitchen floor.

Top Tip: When choosing kitchen floors, be sure to choose a tile that’s intended to be a ‘floor tile’ - wall tiles are much too slippery to be used on floors!  You may even consider a textured tile for more safety underfoot, such as the Urano Nero Sparkle Fleck tile. 


Consider Your Space 

Before getting hung up on the latest trends, or that one tile you can’t live without, consider your space. Whilst large wall tiles are having a moment, they may not work in your kitchen, especially if you have lots of corners, alcoves or electrical sockets to cut around. Always take advice from the experts - our staff are happy to help you!


Colour Scheme

One of the most important things to consider is the colour scheme you’re aiming for during the installation. White, cream and grey tend to be the most popular choices for cupboards and worktops in the kitchen, leaving a world of choice when it comes to tiles. 

Just like other rooms of the house, light colours will make the room look bigger and brighter, absorb less light and create a relaxing atmosphere, but the choice is entirely up to you. Try browsing Pinterest or Instagram for some home inspiration if you need a starting point! 

Top Tip: For a cohesive look, match or contrast your tiles with your kitchen units rather than the colours of the floor or countertops. Avoid matching your wall and floor tiles at all costs - instead, plan a contrast that will bring the room together.


Get Creative With Your Splashback

Want to add some ‘sparkle’ to your kitchen? When it comes to your splashback, the sky's the limit! Since this area doesn’t take heavy traffic, this is your opportunity to add a creative flair to your kitchen. Think patterns, textures, colour or even tile shapes - this is your chance to show your personality! Whilst they still have to withstand hot oil splatters, grease, water and daily cleaning, a porcelain, ceramic or stone tile are all great choices.